2016 Nansemond Indian Pow Wow Photo Gallery

This is my photo collection from the Nansemond Indian Pow Wow held at Mattanock Town (1001 Pembroke Lane, Suffolk, VA 23434) on August 20, 2016. The day before the event we visited Norfolk and Camden counties and, by traveling across U.S. Route 158 and up North Carolina Highway 32 (through Gates county), we were able to see all four corners of the Great Dismal Swamp before arriving in Suffolk for the Pow Wow.

Historical Marker K 250 is located at the entrance of Oakland Christian Church (5641 Godwin Boulevard, Suffolk, VA 23432).
On the morning of the Pow Wow we went out to watch the sunrise at Mattanock Town. This is the view as you drive along Pembroke Lane to the site on the Nansemond River.
The Welcome sign is located near the end of Pembroke Lane as it bears left. You turn right at the sign and continue down a narrow road into Mattanock Town.
This plaque, which faces the Nansemond River,  commemorates the deed signing between the City of Suffolk and the Nansemond Indian Tribe on August 17, 2013.

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