Pasquotank, Camden, and Currituck Photo Gallery

This is my photo collection from our driving tour of Pasquotank, Camden, and Currituck counties on August 19, 2016. Some of the sites we visited were for research purposes while others were for familial significance. Our tour was led by A. Burgess Jennings, author of Camden County (Images of America) and Currituck County (Images of America). Brief descriptions are provided below.

Lamb’s Marina is close to the location of the original Lamb’s Ferry.
Pasquotank County Courthouse
Pasquotank County Register of Deeds Office
End of Shipyard Road (Duckweed Growing on the Pasquotank River)
Joy’s Creek Road runs north, Bingham Road runs south, and River Bridge Road divides the two running east (eventually becoming Old Swamp Road).
Currituck County Courthouse
Sawyer’s Creek
Camden County Courthouse

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I am a Washington, DC-based genealogist, tribal citizen of Nansemond Indian Nation, and published member of both the Family Research Society of Northeastern North Carolina and the North Carolina Genealogical Society. I am an advocate for the Genealogical Proof Standard and I am also interested in environmental influences on historical communities and migration. Questions, CORRECTIONS, and connections are always welcome. Thank you for reading!

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