The Heirs of Winna Newsom

Although Joel Newsom is documented as a son of Moses Newsom, information about his life is relatively sparse. In the 1810 Federal Census, Joel was the head of a household of 7 other free persons in Northampton County, North Carolina. By the 1820 Federal Census, his household increased to 9 other free persons including 4 males […]

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Three Newsoms

North Carolina Capitol in Raleigh

Though the Basses were the first family presented on this site, the Newsoms are a related family with a fascinating story that extends far beyond the Great Dismal Swamp. Henry Newsom (b. 1812) is my third great grandfather and the journey to locate his family has taught me more about genealogy than any other ancestor I have […]

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Into Virginia

Virginia Capitol in Richmond

After a few productive research trips in North Carolina, I finally had enough information to extend my search into Virginia. From a physical perspective, it is closer to where I was raised but, from a chronological perspective, Virginia has always been a little further from my documented family relationships. It was exciting to have specific […]

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Tips For Research Travel

After discovering the 1786 marriage bond between William Bass and Ann Sammon, learning more about the Sammon family became one of my highest research priorities. Rather than waiting until I have resolution in this area, I decided to write a post about the research process. I am far from an expert but I have traveled hundreds of miles […]

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