When researching families with repeating names it is important to create clear timelines for each individual. It is easy to conflate people. When a previous ancestor by a shared name dies (i.e. the Senior), subsequent records should be assigned to the descendant (i.e. the Junior). In some cases, there are many relatives who share common names. Timelines and documented relationships are critical to differentiating individuals and building evidence-based histories.

William Bass b 1755 Timeline

William Bass (b. 1755) is the protagonist in the Bass family story. He appeared in Camden County around 1790 and—until recently—his origins were unknown. New records (e.g. his 1786 marriage bond with Ann Sammon) and multiple collateral lines have revealed that he came from Norfolk County. Most of the Bass family research on this site will be related to his ancestors, close relatives (especially those in Camden and surrounding counties), and descendants.

David Hall b 1755-1765 Timeline

David Hall (b. 1755-1765) was a close relative of William Bass. They may have been cousins and they may have had connections to the same Salmon(s)/Sammon(s) family (William Bass’ wife was Ann Sammon and David Hall’s son was Willoughby Sammons). It is currently unclear where David Hall was born but he was a Revolutionary War Patriot and served on the North Carolina line. He and William Bass shared many familial connections and owned adjoining land for most of their lives in Camden County.